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You can fish wherever you want. On different rivers, lakes, storage ponds of the whole world. In our 3d fishing games you can chose any of many places. In each place one can catch a fish of certain kind. Some places are famous for big carps, others make you feel pleasure while catching pikes. All you have to do is to experiment and enjoy the game. The only task you’ve got in this fishing play is to catch a great number of fish and get points for it. Each fish has different points shown in lake fishing guides as it depends on its weight, size and type. You can also catch a trophy-surprise. It is usually a golden or silver fish. You can get many points for it. You can play in full-screen mode, window or simply reduce it to a small widget of a float. In widget mode you can do your things and simultaneously wait for biting. The moment fish begins to bite, the widget-float starts sinking, you can go fishing game mode to get your trophy. You can download the game 2012 at section fishing download.

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